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An Environmentally Conscious Frankie’s

January 16, 2019


It’s 2019 and word on the street is we only have a couple more years to change our ways in order for mother earth to survive.

Here at Frankie’s, we try our best to make sure all our decisions are backed with environmental consciousness. For dine in orders we use stainless cutlery and washable plates. For take out orders and deliveries, we offer StarchWare. Never heard of it? It looks like your typical plastic utensils but they’re actually made out of starch. Primarily made from corn and yam, our cutlery is toxic free and environmentally-friendly. They are toxin-free and are 100% biodegradable.

An Environmentally Conscious Frankie’s

Apart from our starchware, another initiative we’re advocating for at Frankie’s is our #ShoveTheGlove movement. Plastic gloves are available at the counter but we only give them to guests when they ask for them.

An Environmentally Conscious Frankie’s-2

Frankie’s is constantly looking for resources that are eco-friendly and contribute less to global warming. If you’re an avid Frankie’s guest, we encourage you to #ShoveTheGlove on your next visit and use your own utensils when you order for takeout or have food delivered. After all, we only have on earth. Let’s do our best to preserve it.