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Chicken Wing Day: Barkada Contest

July 6, 2018



We’re celebrating Chicken Wing Day this month! 

To commemorate this awesome occasion, Frankie’s is giving away 1,000 pesos worth of GCs to one barkada every Sunday of July and 2,000 pesos worth of GCs on the 29th!

All you have to do is to take a photo with your friends answering the question: “How far would you go for free Frankie’s wings?” 

Be as creative and witty as you want! Each week, one photo will be chosen as the winner. Don’t forget to tag your friends featured in the photo, mention our social media accounts, and to use the hashtags: #FrankiesBarkada #HappyWingDay #FrankiesWings


1) Make sure to like our Facebook Page: @frankiesnywings and to follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @frankieswings
2) Don’t forget to set your post’s privacy to public.
3) Only photos posted on Facebook and Twitter will be considered as valid entries.
4) Only photos containing the specified hashtags in the caption will be considered as valid entries.
5) A barkada can post only ONE photo entry for the contest.
6) One barkada photo will be chosen every Sunday of this July. (July 8, 15, 22, 29)
7) A minimum of THREE people should be featured in the photo. (Don’t forget to tag Frankie’s and your friends in the photo!)
8) Photos that have not won during a given week are still eligible for the succeeding weeks.
9) Plus points for creativity and wit, but please keep it clean and SFW! Vulgar and indecent photos will not be considered.
10) Winners photos will be announced on the Frankie’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
11) Having Frankie’s buffalo wings featured in the photo is NOT required. (But featuring our wings would be awesome too! 😉)

Good luck!