Frankie's Rewards Club Card

Frankie's Rewards Club members, here's that update you've been waiting for 🤘

For existing members, earn and redeem 5% cashback when you place your orders at! Just make sure the number associated with your rewards card is the same one you will input upon checkout.

Even if you're not a member or cardholder of Frankie's Rewards Club, you can still earn 2% cashback on every purchase you make through It will automatically link those points to the mobile number you input at checkout. You can redeem these points after 48 hours and use it on your next purchase.

For those who want to get their Frankie's Rewards Club card and enjoy the full 5% cashback points, you can purchase it through our restaurant branches for P200 and get 100 pts with it after 24 hours.

For those who've earned points on but are not members of Frankie's Rewards Club, make sure to use the same mobile number you've been using online when you purchase your card. This will consolidate all your points.

Once you become a Rewards Club member, you can use the points for dine-in and take out too! to earn those cashback points 😉

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