Operation Boost: A Pledge Drive for Frontliners

July 15, 2020


The dire effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been strongly felt all over the country for 4 months now with no current ending in sight. The economy is suffering, companies have closed down and millions of jobs have been lost.

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings itself has suffered immense losses, but is fortunate to still be operating under such circumstances.

We recognize the plight of our frontliners, most especially the hospital workers who have continued to give their best efforts to care for our sick in spite of the life-threatening circumstances they are placed in day in and day out. We cannot begin to imagine how exhausted they must be, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Instead of celebrating International Fried Chicken Day and National Wings Day this July with a promotion, we decided to change it this year and make it more meaningful.

Many organizations and companies, including those in the F&B industry have acted swiftly in providing aid in the form of meals and other essential needs. Frankie’s is eager to follow their lead and extend a helping hand to give our frontliners a much-needed boost as they continue to overcome the challenges of healing our nation.

While the company itself is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, it will have the limited capability to provide the labor and logistics needed to prepare meals and other needs. The financial aspect however, is a different story. We will need to work with our loyal client base in order to be able to sustain our efforts.

We know this initiative will not only be able to provide a boost to hospital frontliners, but to our very own Frankie’s frontliners and team members, who will surely get a boost of their own in knowing that they have made an impact as a part of the organization.

You can start giving your pledge at www.orderfrankies.com/products/feed-a-frontliner

For bulk donation and offline payment options, please email Cha Enriquez via [cha.enriquez@frankieswings.com]

We’re looking forward to your support as we find ways to do our part during these challenging times.

Rest assured that your pledge will surely reach our Frontliners.
Thank you very much!


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